La Prosciutteria


Piazza delle Erbe, 31

Every day 11:00-00:00

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Piazza delle Erbe is certainly one of the places to see when visiting Verona city and certainly La Prosciutteria couldn’t miss it!

We are located on the left side of the square coming from the Arena, very close to other major tourist attractions such as Giulietta’s house, Ponte di Pietra, Piazza dei Signori. Il Pozzo dell’Amore is right at the back of our restaurant.

If you love Verona you will surely love La Prosciutteria. A vintage location with an atmosphere of the late nineteenth century, cared for and very special for one of our most charming and romantic venues. Marbles, brass, ancient tiles on the walls that act as wall coverings, reuse tables made with shutters of noble palaces, stools made with fruit crates, shelves with elm wood crates. The bathroom is also a treat, and has walls covered with old wedding photos.

La Prosciutteria Verona

On the upper floor of the restaurant, a secluded room will restore your daily labors, a large table on the sheltered and separate floor can also accommodate business dinners, birthdays and graduation parties. The Must that makes our restaurant unique throughout the city is a delightful flowery terrace with very few tables for two overlooking the square. A privileged vantage point with a breathtaking view will be able to melt even the hardest of hearts.

As in all our places in Verona too, there are many wines offered in bottles and glasses, among which in addition to our very own Tuscan labels, the best wines of Veneto cannot be missed, from Amarone to Ripasso, Recioto and Prosecco.

You can try all our fantastic cold cuts, succulent cutting boards, hand-sliced ​​hams or take a nice focaccia stuffed with fresh Tuscan roast pork to enjoy while visiting the city.

Last but not least the staff! Young, cute, close-knit and kind. They will welcome you and pamper you in the best way!