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La Prosciutteria

When we say that you don’t go into the usual restaurant with us to eat and drink, but we are a real shop of the past, it means this: the “Fiaschetteria Osteria” was once the social hub around which the life of a village revolved or a neighborhood: low prices, few but good products, cold cuts, sandwiches and cheeses a few hot dishes glasses of local wine and a lot of sympathy. 

tagliere a firenze in centro uffizi


This is the question our customers ask us most often and we jokingly reply, “it works very well, we are almost always full!” ”
Quite apart, our restaurant is an atypical place and sometimes leaves us a bit off-guard. There is no real written menu, you can not imagine how to behave. 


… then get ready and wait for everything to be ready! If you simply want a sandwich, if there is no queue we do it istantaneously!
Inside the venue you will find a large antique blackboard plus other smaller ones from which to choose the wines by the glass, the dishes of the day, the hams sliced ​​by hand or our famous cutting boards.

Cutting boards

Carpacci and salads


Winde and beers




… or discover our proposals!



… from 5-10-15 euros per person depending on the size and quality of the products.
The little one of 5€ is a taste to accompany the wine (taste, however, substantial) the one for 10€ an aperitif / dinner with 4 salumi and 3 cheeses and pickles , fruits and grilled vegetables and then the gourmet for 15 euros per person, similar to the previous one but with an addition of 2 special products, which can be “porchetta”, a super-top cheese aged in pomace or balsamic vinegar, or fine aged cheeses in the mountain pastures, but also hot liver crostini, donkey, horse salami, Colonnata lard, and many more!


Only focaccia olive oil and fresh bread made every day, even on Sundays and when I say fresh I really mean fresh from the baker, not frozen bread or vacuum-packed then annealed, heated, finished, etc. etc. FRESH not like that of the supermarket or the rubber sandwiches of the highway! This is our point of pride; we are also a family of many food stores scattered throughout Italy, we find an “ad hoc” artisan baker in every city to teach them our baking recipes. We want a fragrant and delicious artisan product in all the food stores. It would have been easier and cheaper to use a frozen product equal for all, but for us the quality of the raw material is a serious matter, not a negligible option. Prices? From 4 euros to 4.5 for the most classic combinations of ingredients that you can decide for yourself looking at the bench to 5 or 6 for those with special and most sought-after ingredients!


More than forty combinations of Tartare and many bubbles by the glass in a unique setting!
Not only sumptuous platters of cold cuts and cheeses, not only fragrant stuffed flatbreads, not only excellent wines by the glass; but the city venue with the widest range of Tartare! 5 different types of knife-cut meats to combine with a myriad of delicious condiments, from French Foie Gras de Canard, to Pantelleria capers, from pineapple and rum combinations to Pata Negra.

and salads

The carpaccio consists of very thin slices of beef sirloin arranged on a plate and seasoned with many customizable combinations. As this is a dish to be served raw, the meat must always be very fresh and never defrosted. Our salads are prepared starting from the base of a salami, and enriching the tasting with more ingredients; available in many variations, they are an ideal meal for the summer season or for a quick and undemanding lunch break.

Let’s drink something?

They are our daily bread! We are from the Chianti area, an area where small children dip their pacifiers in wine for fear that as they grow up they become teetotalers… so wine is an element worthy of almost religious respect for us! We produce some of the wines that you can find for tasting directly in our Montespertoli winery, then we have a very wide range of wines from “our friends”, people we know personally, colleagues friends of the family, fellow students at the Agricultural University of Florence who they share our values ​​and we know them personally.


What we now call “cocktails” were born in the roaring 20s, the years of jazz and Charleston, of Fiesta and the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald, Al Capone. The years of Prohibition, in which to drink alcohol you found yourself in the “speakeasies”, in which you could only access by knowing the secret word. In terms of words, we went into it and revisited both the names of the most famous cocktails, but also the substance! At La Prosciutteria Crudi & Bollicine di San Frediano, for example, the “Moscow Mule” is transformed into a modern “Sanfre Mule”; Negroni becomes “woman”, then “Negronessa” enriching the taste with “flambé” bacon. And so on, so saying, the imagination intrigues even the most refined palates: you just have to try!