La Prosciutteria

We proudly define our restaurant as NOT a restaurant!
We are a shop of other times, the old “Fiaschetteria Osteria” which was once the social hub around which the life of a town or a neighborhood revolved: low prices, few products but good, and then cold cuts, sandwiches and cheeses , some hot dishes, watering everything with glasses of local wine and a lot of sympathy.
Finally, we do not pay for bread, microfiltered water and service (we have no customers, but guests!)

tagliere a firenze in centro uffizi


This is the question that our customers ask us most often and we jokingly answer: “it works very well, we are almost always full!”. Joking aside, ours is an atypical place and sometimes it leaves you a little confused. There is not always a real written menu for eating and drinking but a large blackboard, like those of the schools of the past, on which you can read all the main courses … for the rest just ask why we like to talk to people !

Order at the counter!

… then we get ready and expect everything to be ready! We bring the cutting boards to you! If, on the other hand, you simply want a sandwich, we make it for you on the fly and you can choose everything on the counter, all fresh and all espresso … we don’t prepare things the day before, we’re not “autosgrills”!

Cutting boards

Carpacci and salads


Winde and beers




… or discover our proposals!



… from 5-10-15 euros per person depending on the size and quality of the products.
The 10 euro platter is a very substantial aperitif / dinner containing 4 types of cold cuts, 3 of croutons, 3 of cheeses, mustards, fruit and grilled vegetables.
The 15 euro one is the Gourmet which is similar to the previous one, but with the addition of special products which can be porchetta and a super top cheese such as the one aged in passito pomace or balsamic vinegar or fine aged mountain pasture cheeses; but also warm chicken liver croutons, game, donkey, horse, lard from Colonnata, etc. All cutting boards always contain our warhorses: the beautifully tasty homemade raw ham, the sbriciolona and the local cheese, the rest depends on the imagination of the Prosciuttiere or Prosciuttina that composes it.
If desired, there is also a mini version of a 5-inch cutting board to accompany the wine.


Made with extra virgin olive oil and baked fresh every day! And when we say fresh we mean hand made in the morning by the baker… for real, not frozen or vacuum packed bread as you find in chains or our fast food, FRESH! We want a fragrant and delicious artisan product in all rooms that is also suitable for children because more chemistry is hidden in industrial bread than in medicines.
Prices? From € 4 to € 4.50 for the more classic combinations that you can decide for yourself by looking at the counter, up to € 5.70 for those with special and more refined ingredients! Don’t ask us to put two cured meats together like Italian Americans do because we are not in Brooklyn!


(only in the restaurants of the “Crudi e Bollicine” line)
As we say “finally the definitive place for Tartare in the city”. About 30 flavor combinations, 5 types of different knife-cut meats including Chianina, Black Angus, Buffalo, Scottona, Wagyu Kobe to combine with delicious but also classic condiments: from French Foie Gras de Canard, to capers from Pantelleria, from combinations pineapple and dark rum up to 36 month aged Spanish Pata Negra ham. You can accompany them with many delicious sauces, wine jellies, mustards and jams. In these places the carpaccio menu is also very wide with 9 types of meat to choose from.

and salads

They are served in a beautiful Spanish metal paellera: forget those sad dishes in the canteen or in tourist restaurants … our salads, our carpaccio are beautiful. We obviously prepare everything at the moment, all fresh all delicious. A riot of flavors between refined and light meats, such as marinated Chianina beef, steamed beef, smoked black angus, turkey with blueberries, roasted orange, high quality bresaola and horse rags. Of course, vegetarian and vegan options are always available.

Wine, wine, wine and more wine by the bottle or by the glass!

It is our daily bread! We are people of Chianti, with us fathers dip babies’ pacifiers in wine for fear that as they grow up they become teetotal, as children we grew up making a snack with bread, wine and sugar … so for us it is not a simple alcoholic drink: it means home and enjoy of an almost religious respect!
We produce most of the labels that you can find for tasting directly in our Montespertoli company, but we also have a wide range of about 250 products that come from our friends; people known for a lifetime and who share our values ​​of respect for work, tradition, nature and also for the client’s wallet. Do not look for high-sounding or famous names, no mega supermarket companies but small artisans who with their family honor Luis Pasteur’s daily motto “there is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in all the books in the world”!


What we now call “cocktails” were born in the roaring 20s, the years of jazz and Charleston, of Fiesta and the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald, Al Capone. The years of Prohibition, in which to drink alcohol you found yourself in the “speakeasies”, in which you could only access by knowing the secret word. In terms of words, we went into it and revisited both the names of the most famous cocktails, but also the substance! At La Prosciutteria Crudi & Bollicine di San Frediano, for example, the “Moscow Mule” is transformed into a modern “Sanfre Mule”; Negroni becomes “woman”, then “Negronessa” enriching the taste with “flambé” bacon. And so on, so saying, the imagination intrigues even the most refined palates: you just have to try!