La Prosciutteria
Typical tuscan economic restaurant Florence


Via de Neri 54 rosso

Every day 11:45 – 23:30

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La Prosciutteria di Firenze was born right here: in Via de ‘Neri 54 red. Florence was the first restaurant to open in 2013 thanks to the proximity to our company in Montespertoli which is only 25 km away.
A sales point, a shop, a chiantigiano country restaurant in the heart of the city! We are located in a truly strategic and suggestive point, 100 meters from the Uffizi Museum and halfway between Piazza delle Signoria and Piazza Santa Croce. All the main monuments of Florence are around us and can be reached with a short and pleasant walk through the tortous streets of the pedestrianized historic center. Via de ‘Neri has increasingly become the street of “street food”, a modernist term for what our grandparents thought was simply “bread, wine and ham”!

A small, crowded, pleasantly chaotic shop: but it’s beautiful like this and it has to stay like that. When someone says to us “Congratulations, you had a good idea, you invented a good thing” we simply reply that we have not invented anything, it is only the others who have forgotten everything! Once upon a time the wine shops and taverns were all like ours, they had very good products grown personally or locally, affordable prices, high quality, family atmosphere, Gascon and no frills! We have about 35 seats available and a city that is an open-air museum to eat while walking.
If you want to get yourself a nice gift when you pass by Florence, if you want to avoid the usual tourist traps or the many “paninari, vinai, vinaini, vinaucci, bruschetterie, focaccerie” that pretend to be authentically florentine and then sell industrial junk that comes from Mars … well … then come to us!
Finally, we remind you that here as well as in all our places it is possible to do gadget’s shopping and take home wines, and all products tasted like an old but modern “bottega”.