La Prosciutteria
La Prosciutteria Pratello

Bologna Pratello

Via del Pratello 63

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Disembarking in this neighborhood, this part of Bologna is a point of arrival for us! We have been dreaming of it for some time and finally we managed to put our house right there, right where you have fun! More than a small place we will define it as intimate, with about 25 seats inside and as many outside under the spectacular Pratello’s “portico”. You can stay out drinking and eating even in winter, we have put the heating lamps!
The formula is always the same, the best sandwiches in Bologna, the most spectacular wine from Emilia, the best cutting boards in Italy, the coolest setting in the world (yes, i know, we are modest!)
In addition to the classic proposals of sandwiches, cutting boards, fondues, some hot dishes, salads, carpaccio of La Prosciutteria in this place we wanted to focus in particular on our workhorse, the real tuscan porchetta cooked in a wood oven that always comes to us fresh from the Chianti area and that you can taste, eat, tear “hot” until late at night even with the take-away formula from the window. Other than McDrive here you go to “MacPork”!

Bologna Pratello

The singer Emidio Clementi praised this historic district as follows: «Street of slaves and whores. Of pimps and chicken thieves. Of rat eaters. Even cats, of course. Dark origins. Suburbia. Suburbia even later, once incorporated into the city. Leaning against the walls. Terrified of changes. Almost countryside and almost city. Refuge of gamblers, French con artists, priests, horny men, alcoholics, rat hunters, spies, transvestites. Perennial hunger. Kingdom of the precariat. Indolence. Over the centuries.”
A little Bologna, a little Berlin, a little Amsterdam but also Bogotà, a village within the city where everyone knows each other and experiences the neighborhood in an exciting social experiment. We are sure that you too will love La Prosciutteria di Firenze, right at Pratello!
Finally, we remind you that here as well as in all our places it is possible to go shopping and take home wines, preserves and all products tasted like an old but modern food “shop”.