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The “La Prosciutteria” is not a restaurant: it’s a place where you can eat, you can drink, you can spend time with friends and family. Well then, how is it different from any other restaurant? There is a massive difference: While in any other restaurant you might find frozen food, not fresh, not locally sourced,not organic, not regional – in a word “products NOT” – at the “La Prosciutteria” you find only the best Italian, and especially Tuscan, food and wine. High-quality homemade products are simply served on a wooden board or between two slices of bread. To find out more, have a look at the menù and the products that we sell … Continue reading >>

Promotional products and gadget for sale: T-shirts, bracelets, cups, plates, bowls, colander, pots…

La Prosciutteria

FIRENZE Via dei Neri, 54 rosso 50122

MILANO NAVIGLI Ripa di Porta Ticinese 53, 20143

BOLOGNA Via Oberdan 19/A, 40125

MILANO Corso Garibaldi, 55 20121

SIENA Via Pantaneto, angolo Via Magalotti, 53100

MARINA DI MASSA Piazza G.Pellerano 3, 54100

COSENZA Piazza Archi di Ciaccio, 23 87100

SIENA (CRUDI & BOLLICINE) Via Pantaneto 89, 53100

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