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Gastronomy, recycled furniture, vintage and good music!

The “La Prosciutteria” is not a restaurant: it’s a place where you can eat, you can drink, you can spend time with friends and family. Well then, how is it different from any other restaurant? There is a massive difference: While in any other restaurant you might find frozen food, not fresh, not locally sourced, not organic, not regional – in a word “products NOT” – at the “La Prosciutteria” you find only the best Italian, and especially Tuscan, food and wine. High-quality homemade products are simply served on a wooden board or between two slices of bread. To find out more, have a look at the menu and the products that we sell.

While in any other restaurant you find pompous waiters who hurriedly write down your orders on a piece of paper, at the “La Prosciutteria” you find young, friendly people who will welcome you from behind the bar, leaving you the choice of which table to sit at (if you wish to sit) and the type of service. It’s an informal environment, where you can simply point to a hanging prosciutto to make an order. While in any other restaurant simple dishes are masked by pretentious names and complicated descriptions, at the “La Prosciutteria” you can order a wooden board with a mix of delicious ham, salami, and bread with the best cheese, along with a glass of the local Chianti Classico wine.

La filosofia è semplice:

Mangiare divinamente
spendendo il meno possibile

While in any other restaurant the bill is inflated by the bread, water, cover and service charges, at the “La Prosciutteria” the bill is as light as a feather: free water, no cover charge and no service charge.

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